Management Services

IPDM has provided Management Services at all levels within the Client Companies structure. Some examples are:

Working at General Manager level in the re-structuring of the Company through the management of the Business Planning, Strategic Planning of potential new business streams, team re-alignment, clear establishment of roles/responsibilities of the team, refreshment of current Management processes/procedures to suit future requirements, Mentoring of key staff to ensure abilities are enhanced to suit the role, and re-energising of team to suit future direction and needs.

Working at Pre-Contract level to assist Client Companies to secure forward works through the structured procedures for developing suitable prospect pursuits, the analysis of prospects to ensure best opportunity, alignment/selection of the optimum team of partners/individuals to maximise opportunity of success, driving the pursuit process through EOI/RFP/TOC development/tender phases, undertaking the reviews of the tender through to CEO/GM sign off and managing the post tender negotiations through to award.

Working as an independent reviewer role in challenging the tender approach, methodologies being adopted, rates or prices developed, risks/opportunities identified including how they have been evaluated, other contingencies like escalation or inclement weather and the like, evaluation of insurance risks and innovation/value for money options that will benefit the parties.

Working at divisional or project level to assist in the development/management of changes incurred to the project that have had impacts on time and cost. Application of strategies to enable fair recovery of entitlements/adjustments to the final contract price.  

Working at all levels in the identification and evaluation of Risks and Opportunities in the areas of safety, environmental, quality, commercial, design, methodologies, resources, and the like.
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Charity Support:

Qld Guide Dogs - IPDM's charity of choice since 2011.

Industry Support:

Usquebae - Interaction and Networking evenings for Industry Leaders since 2013.

Constructionarium - Training and Mentoring Program for Students and Graduates since 2019.