Welcome to ipdm

Welcome to Integrated Project Development & Management (IPDM).

IPDM supplies services to the Construction Industry through our experience in the senior level management of construction companies.

Through our knowledge and experience in the strategic planning, delivery and management of tenders and projects, IPDM has successfully enabled companies to improve their business success.

In addition IPDM has provided Strategic Solutions in Organisational Structure, Business Planning, Team Development, and Mentoring/Leadership to our valued clients.

We invite you to peruse our website and obtain further details about the services we can offer, our projects, our policies, and our contact details.



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Charity Support:

Qld Guide Dogs - IPDM's charity of choice since 2011.

Industry Support:

Usquebae - Interaction and Networking evenings for Industry Leaders since 2013.

Constructionarium - Training and Mentoring Program for Students and Graduates since 2019.